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  • Saron Lutheran Church

In-person Indoor Worship offered November 8

You have the option of in-person, indoor worship this Sunday at 8:30 a.m. Our worship space at Saron has been prepared for distancing, the air cleaned and a non-talking (except for the pastor) and non-singing service prepared. Here are some things to know:

  • Masks are required. This is a statewide mandate.

  • Conversation needs to be done outside. It will be better not to enter the church early and also to leave as soon as we are finished. The weather is looking good for Sunday a.m. (in November).

  • Since the air will become contaminated as soon as we gather indoors, the doors will be opened for air circulation. Worship, then, will start out warm-ish and grow chilly. Have your coat ready and maybe a cozy blanket. (Again, a reason to arrive later: The church will be warmer if it's been empty closer to 8:30.)

  • 30 minute worship

  • We'll have hymns, but will only hum or listen. 

  • We won't have communion this time in order to keep masks on and reduce surface-touching and people-circulation.

  • Signs are posted as reminders, but also do please leave by the same door you enter: Back or Side. This will help us keep the 6-foot distance rule given the space we have.


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