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  • Saron Lutheran Church

Interim Pastor Announced

Saron’s council is pleased to share, that with the blessing of the Rocky Mountain Synod, Pastor Jeanne Larsen will be Saron’s official interim pastor starting in September! This will be a half-time position with Pastor Jeanne’s contract extending through December 2023.

After Pastor Jeanne Larsen retired from full-time ministry in Maryland, she and her husband Lynn moved to Berthoud. She has since enjoyed being a pulpit supply pastor in churches from Casper, Wyoming, to south Denver. She also served for just under a year as a bridge interim pastor in Brush and Fort Morgan. She loves the privilege of meeting and serving God’s people in so many different churches. She has been supplying and helping the people of Saron Lutheran since December 2021. She says, “I hope to be able to continue to help them grow in God’s love and service until they are able to call a permanent pastor.”


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